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One-at-a-time by hook-and-line

Troll-caught albacore tuna is a nutritious choice for you and your family, a sustainable choice for albacore fisheries and U.S. troll-fishers, an eco-friendly choice for our oceans — and it tastes incredible!

Whether you choose to buy our canned albacore tuna or one of the brands offered by our fellow troll-fishermen, be sure to look for albacore tuna that is:

Caught one-at-a-time by hook and line

Of course, we hope you try OUR albacore tuna!

If you do, this is our promise to you:

  • the canned albacore tuna we offer will be the best we can make it
  • the fish will be treated gently and frozen properly once it is caught
  • it will be cooked only once - in the can during the canning process - to retain its natural oils
  • we'll treat you like a person, not as a potential sales target
  • if you ever have a problem with our product or service we’ll do our best to make things right
  • the information in this site is the truth as we know it. As we learn more, we'll share.