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Canned Albacore Prices 
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Another quick note about another price change (11/5/17)
Albacore prices soared this season up to $6500/ton, making another price change necessary. If life were perfect, we'd have caught enough fish two years ago, when prices were just about half of what they are now, to freeze and  then can this year. We weren't able to do that, but what we can do is promise that if or when tuna prices go down, our prices will reflect that.

A quick note about our price changes (12/8/16)

Well, we had to raise prices this year. The price of albacore more than doubled last season and while we catch our own albacore, we still pay our boat for whatever tuna is set aside for our canning needs. So when the price of albacore goes up it, so do our costs.

But we do our best to keep non-albacore expenses low – our office is a desk by the woodstove at Harvey and Judy’s house (shared with Koko the African Grey who likes to strut across the deck and peck on the keyboard). Our big purchase for the business last year was a little wagon for hauling cases of tuna from the storage room to the car. Can’t forget that!

We understand if you decide to look around at other albacore labels. The best way we’ve found to compare prices is to look at price per ounce. It’s an easy way to compare when looking at different sized cans.

Calculating price per ounce is pretty straightforward. Take the price of the case and divide it by the number of cans. Then divide that by the size of the cans.

(price of unit/number of cans in unit)/size of cans

Example: price per ounce for our 7.5 case of original albacore.

($131/24)/7.5 = .73 cents per ounce.


Other things to consider:

Shipping costs – We really wanted to be able to offer free shipping, but it just didn’t seem fair. We’d have to add even more to our price increase to cover it (because free shipping is never really free, is it?), and our customers would not benefit equally – those closer to us would be paying more for their shipping.

Where the albacore is canned – Some companies choose to ship their tuna to other countries across the Pacific Ocean to be canned and then ship the canned product back to the U.S. Our tuna is canned in Bellingham, WA, at Pelican Packers, a cannery started by Harvey and Judy and another fishing family.

And don’t forget to make sure the albacore is troll-caught in the North Pacific! That’s how you’ll know you’re getting sustainable lower mercury, higher omega-3 fish. 

So there you are. We hope you’ll still choose our albacore. But whatever you decide, keep on eating troll-caught albacore! It’s good for you and good for our planet.


3.5 oz. cans

1/4 case 
(6 cans) 
1/2 case
(12 cans) 
1 case
(24 cans) 
Original $28 $52 $96
No Added Salt $28 $52 $96
Dill $28 $52 $96
Garlic $28 $52 $96
Smoked $31 $56 $102
Original with Olive Oil $30 $54 $98

7.5 oz. cans 

  1/4 case
(6 cans) 
1/2 case
(12 cans) 
1 case
(24 cans) 
Original $46 $85 $155
No Added Salt $46 $85 $155
Dill $46 $85 $155
Garlic $46 $85 $155
Smoked $53 $97 $176
Original with Olive Oil $48 $87 $157