You'd think we'd be canned albacore tuna master chefs. We're not. We're more likely to fix something simple: a tuna sandwich; tuna salad; or a quick tuna-noodle concoction in the skillet. Of course, just tuna on crackers works when we're in a real hurry!

Considering that, we feel our Recipes page will be more interesting and useful to you if we link to good recipe sites. We searched and found links to hundreds of tuna recipes. Most of them have gorgeous, glossy photos. Very inspiring!

Keep in mind that our cans are 3.5 oz or 7.5 rather than the traditional 6 oz., and you use all of it without draining away the oils, so quantities of other ingredients may need to be adjusted.

Please remember NOT to drain natural oils away without thinking a bit. If the recipe would be too moist, save the oil for some other use. For example, dip bread in it like you would dip it into olive oil. Would be a shame to just drain it away.